Teacher's Corner

Teachers beginning a journey into the field of education need a way to stay connected and get advice from mentor teachers. 

Summer Reading:

Consider reading The First Days of School as you will learn so much more as you prepare for your first real classroom.
Despite this need, we fear that in today's teacher measurement systems, novice teachers may not ask for support. This area of the website allows novice special education teachers, graduates from UCF, who are now in the field to ask real questions and receive expert feedback. Monthly teacher questions from the field featured here! You can also join a google group to have discussion with your peers more frequently.  Click here for a monthly to do list for new teachers.

My first day of teaching:

Q: I am scared that I am going to have a horrible first day with my new class. What are the most important items to remember for the first day of school?
A: Be brave, you are ready for this new and exciting challenge. First, think about every routine you want the students to know, and that you what them to be successful with. Think about the environment and the warmth you would like to create for students. Wear a smile, now I know you have heard advice like do not smile until winter break, try firm but friendly. Consider how you want your students to behave, share exactly what you exspect and have visual remembers in the classroom---for the special education classroom rules should also contain a support on how exactly the students will comply. What does that rule look like and how will you continually support all students in being successful with the classroom culture you are developing? Will you use a talk aloud- to help support the students in learning the rules? On the first day, we have to complete many house keeping items, but make sure to plan something ENGAGING and educational to set the tone that teaching and learning is the highest priority.