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National Center on RTI Educational material and resources to help understand and implement RTI practices 
4Teachers Helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. 
Teachnet K-12 web site covers lesson plans in all subject areas. Tidbits include suggestionson classroom decor, 5-minute learning activities and tips on dealing with tardiness and classroom management techniques 
Scholastic Offers tips, tools and resources for new teachers and can be filtered by specific grade level 
Teacher First Offers lesson plan suggestions, professional development topics and information and links to popular classroom resource websites. 
Inclusive Schools Network How to provide effective instruction to diverse learners 
Accommodations and Modifications Florida State University Classroom and assessment acommodations, curriculum modifications and instructional strategies 
Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities Classroom and assessment accommodations, curriculum modifications and instructional strategies 
Article: Special Needs and the Whiteboard Effect  Technology for students with E/BD  
Teaching Channel  Videos for teachers with tips and strategies  
Go!Animate  Website for creating animations online (free)  
Digital Book Talk  Video trailers for classic books; students can view or create their own and submit  
Inclusive Schools Network (ISN)  Web-based educational resource for families, schools and communities that promotes inclusive educational practices  
LeadScape  Online tools & resources for principals, school leaders, and educators of inclusive schools  
LeadScape Blog  Blog for principals and staff to discuss topics related to inclusive schools  
Power of 2  Online resource on inclusion offered by "This project is supported by US Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs  
Special Connections  Online site for gen. and special ed. teachers, related service personnel, para educators, parents and other professionals engaged in meaningful inclusion of students with special needs in gen. ed. curriculum  
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition  Publications promoting effective parent involvement in secondary education and transition  
Live Scribe pen  Not only a notetaking tool, but check out the pencast capability. Notes can be shared with anyone who needs them.  
Partners for Youth with Disabilities  Organization that provides one-to-one, group-based, and peer-to-peer mentoring programs for youth with disabilities.  
AbilityPath  Online support for parents of children with special needs  
Showing 21 items