Scholars in Action

Scholars in Action 

During graduate level coursework at UCF, Project Bridges scholars learn about various instructional and behavioral strategies to improve student outcomes. They then select, implement, and record their use of these best practices in their classrooms. Recordings are hosted on the Project Bridges website giving teachers world-wide access to watch, learn, and then implement the practices. Video recordings are organized so teachers may select from different grade levels or various instructional techniques aligned with their personal interest and unique classroom needs. 


Phonemic Awareness: Coming Soon!

Fluency: Coming Soon!

Vocabulary: Coming Soon!


Number & Operations - Fractions: Coming Soon!

Measurement & Data: Coming Soon!

Geometry: Coming Soon!

Ratios & Proportional Relationships: Coming Soon!

The Number System: Coming Soon!

Expressions & Equations: Coming Soon!

Functions: Coming Soon!

Statistics & Probability: Coming Soon!

Class Wide & School Wide Supports: Coming Soon!

Defusing & Deescalation: Coming Soon! 

Self-Management & Self-Monitoring: Coming Soon!

Motivation: Coming Soon!

Challenging Students: Coming Soon!

Rewards: Coming Soon!