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                              Application Deadlines

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Intervention Specialist Graduate Certificate

Jul 1    Dec 1    Apr 1
Domestic Applicants

Jul 15
Dec 1Apr 15
International Applicants

Follow these steps to apply to UCF online:

    1. Go to:

    2. Select the term you wish to apply for (e.g., Summer 2019, Fall 2019)

    3. Create user profile or log in to a pre-existing account

    4. Start a new application

        aA window should pop-up saying “2019 Graduate Application”

        b. Select “Create Application”
        c. Select “Open Application”

    5. Fill out applicable personal information for “Application Information”, “Personal Information”, and “Academic History”

    6. Next, fill out the “UCF Degree Program Information”

        a. Under “Are you applying to an online only program?” Select “No”

        b. Under “Please select your level of study”, Select “Certificate”

        c. Under “Please select your online academic program of study”, Select                     “Intervention Specialist Certificate”

        d. Under “When do you plan to begin your studies”, select the term you wish to begin classes (Spring 2019)

    7.  Next, fill out the rest of the application (“Additional Academic Information”,                 "References" and “Previous Conduct”)

        a. Please note that you need a minimum of ONE recommender to apply for                    this program

        b. On the application, simply input your recommender’s contact                                        information, you may submit your application before your recommender                        completes your letter of recommendation request.    

    8.  After you have completed the application, complete the “Signature” portion and then review the application

    9. After these steps are completed, you will be able to submit your application and pay the application fee of $31
        a. Verify all information before you submit the application. **Your application can only be submitted once and will not be accessible for changes after submission.

        b.You will receive an e-mail notification verifying that your application has been received.

    10. After you submit your application, you will be able to complete the Florida                 Residency Classification

    11. You must also submit a Goal Statement and a Resume/Vita to apply for this             program. These items may be uploaded to your application after you submit your         application
  • Go to to see if your application is complete or still missing documents.

  • You must also request you previous university to send an official transcript to the UCF Graduate Admissions office.
  • Please note: In order to be considered for funding through Project Bridges 2, you must submit additional items and the Project Bridges application to Project Bridges staff.
  • Please note that meeting the above requirements does not guarantee admission into UCF