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Action Research Module, John Hopkins University  Developed by John Hopkins University, Baltimore City Public School System, Morgan State University, and the University of Maryland, this site offers innovative teacher training opportunities and professional development modules in this electronic learning community.  
Action Research Resources  A substantial website monitored by Scott Campell University of Australia, this site offers information for beginning researchers as well as an extensive array of links, books, articles, and discussions on theories and methodologies of action research.  
Action Research as a Framework for School Improvement South Florida Center for Educators; Florida Atlantic University  Florida Atlantic University’s website for action research as a framework for school improvement offers information about action research in general, as well as projects that are specific to FAU’s region.  
Action Research: The Education Alliance at Brown University  This link is to an on-line article about action research published by Brown University. It provides an overview of different definitions of action research and the various models. It offers in-depth answers to questions about data collection and the action research process. It also highlights a reflection from a teacher researcher’s first attempt at pursuing action research.  
An Introductory Guide to Teacher Candidates at Queen’s Univerity: Action Research Who? Why? How? So what?  This website offers a quick introductory look at the basics of action research. It helps answer frequently asked questions and addresses concerns about the basic structure of action research. By answering the fundamental questions of who, what, why, where, and how, it gives a good overview for beginning researchers. Links are also provided for other resources and further exploration.  
Collaborative Action Research Network: University of Anglia  The Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) website is an online network for professional development. Based in the United Kingdom, their aim is to offer support and encouragement to all action research projects (personal, local, national, and international).  
Educational Action Research, an international journal focusing on educational research and practice.  This website highlights the journal, Education Action Research, as a resource for those engaged in action research. It is a refereed international journal that publishes a wide range of action research studies and maintains a literature review.  
Networks: An online journal of teacher research.  The website is an online journal for professionals involved in teacher research projects. The site offers archived research projects for review, book reviews, and discussion links for ongoing projects.  
Teacher Research: George Mason University  This website by George Mason University’s Graduate School of Education is an extensive site covering the basics of action research, the steps in the process, and discussion of data analysis and conclusions. It also offers a growing online archive of finished action research projects.  
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