Phase 4: Using & Sharing Results

“People without information cannot act. People with
information cannot help but act.”
~Ken Blanchard

After planning, teaching, and collecting data, it is very important to follow through by analyzing the results of the action research and making instructional decisions based on the findings. Analyzed data will guide this critical question in the action research process, “Where do I go next?” In the process of action research, analyzed data will determine whether to continue with current practices, revise the action research plan, or report the results of successes.

In order to determine the next step, think about and answer the following questions:
• Are students benefiting from the instructional focus that I have planned and implemented?

• Was the classroom problem solved?
• Did the instructional focus align to my students’ needs?
• Were all of the phases of the action research process followed?
• Was the plan completed as written (with the materials and time dedicated as outlined in the implementation schedule)?
• Were all the necessary materials (personnel and resources) available? Did I receive the support I need?
• Did the information (data) collected from the students provide the necessary evidence about the results of the efforts to solve the problem?

If teachers can answer “yes” to the questions above and have strong evidence of student learning resulting in meeting the stated goal(s) for improvement, the teachers are ready to share results and identify the next classroom problem for study. If the teachers cannot answer “yes”, the findings may lead to two choices: continue to implement the plan or revise the action research plan.